Daniel C
Giovanni Z
A place where it smells like fun
you have to go in the summer
A place where you could see elephants that weigh a ton
if you don’t it will surely be a bummer
here is a world of animals that grun
there is inspiration for a drummer
when you see those animals you’ll be in stun
animals may be kinda dumber
but the excitement has just begun

Gabriela A
Abraham T
Jordan is the best player of all time.
Basketball is one of the best sports.
Jordan never did any crimes.
At a game there many people with supports.
A lot of basketball players are in their prime.
There are many basketball reports.
Basketball players do not work part-time.
Basketball players play in basketball courts
Soccer is one of the most fun and best sport ever.
Soccer is an exciting sport.
Many soccer players are very clever.
Many soccer teams have team support.
The soccer leagues don’t just pick whoever.
Some soccer players are short.
There are many games wherever.
Soccer players get reports.

Fabian L
Laisha G

There are lots of kinds of food.
They are very yummy. Although some food companies get sued.
But they are good for your tummy.
Evelyn C
Raul G

Trees stand tall and green
Trees are nice to have in earth
Trees can notbe mean
tress are always worth

Animals are nice to good people
some animals are bears, lions
they might be in a sequel.
and some animals live in the hawaiians

Candy is sweet
it sweet like honey
it is good to eat
but you have to buy it with money

Candy is very sweet.
They are a delicious treat.
They all have different favors
So they can match your flavors
But beware
Some sweets are unaware.

Ashley L
David A
Sports can be fun but competitive
Sometimes it might be uncompetitive
Sports can be a challenge and violent
Some sports can be nonviolent
at sport games, there is never silence
Sports there is always the crowd cheering

Fight for the gold
Wrestling can get uncontrolled
Wrestling is always extreme
Fight for the dream
People always scream

Ashley L
David A

Brian V. dogs, Dogs Aciel C. soccer
Dogs are furry and nice
Dogs have a great sense of smell
dogs sometimes feel like mice
dogs are something i don't like to sell
Dogs make you pay the price
the word dogs is hard word to misspell
Dogs also like to eat rice
dogs like to bark as if we were to yell
dogs are sometimes so precise
most dogs aren't allowed in a motel
Dogs like to advise
i use to have a dog called noel
Soccer is a hard game to understand
Soccer is not easy to play you can play soccer in the sand
i want to put my soccer ball on display
You can play soccer on any land
You can play soccer everyday
get a red card and you'll get banned
You can also play on the driveway

Kevin A. Fun
Cristina V.
Fun is nice to share with friends
Playing with friends is very fun
Fun is a good time spend
Your energy is never done
Giselle Navarro
Gummy Bears
Their good and squishy
They make everyone’s day
They don’t smell fishy
They don’t taste like hay

They like to fly around rooms
They like to eat corn on the cob
They look like moons
They always get the job done
Jocelyn R
Emily C
Candy can be found in stores
Candy can come in different flavors
I wish I had candy doors
After a rough day candy is a favor

Edgar Salgado, Julian Gonzalez


cheesecake it’s so good to taste
good like a burrito
one thing in my mind i just can’t erase
I like it like a dorito
so don’t ever misplace


sea turtles swim in the ocean
they swim with heat
they don’t make a commotion
there hard to beat

yessenia sierra
melanie Castro
i love candy
i think they are dandy
it’s good to eat
but it is tooo sweet!

there was a bat
who lived in a cave
he was fat
he might be in his grave
if he did not hav a cat

Rodolfo Y
Aliza R


There are teams like the Bulls and the Miami Heat
The Boston bombers had beat the cheat
Some teams are hard to beat
after that they went to go eat.

Talitha A. Ashley Q.

I like tacos so much i could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I eat tacos while I watch the starry night sky go by that day.
Tacos is a food winner !

Animals are our best friends
It all depends..
on how you treat them