7A Collaborative Poem
And Manuel
Video games
Video games are such fun
Even Though i have just begun
You can do so many things
You can be a king with many other kings
You are in control you choose how to play and so it shall be done
In a game there is no such thing as overdone
You do as you wish without any trick
If you wish you can do some tricks but make sure to make it quick
But alas i am done and i hope you enjoy what is called a video game oh such FUN

Antonio C
Yael M
Basketball & Fried Chicken
Basketball is a really fun sport
especially with fried chicken.
I like the beautiful court
Don’t eat too much chicken it will make you sicken
Veronica G
Yaritza L
Victor S
I like to give trees many different personalities.
When they grow out in spring
The tree may have abnormalities
The branches will swing
WInter here is as cold as Antarctica’s winter.
Yet it is so fun.
Unlike in summer you can not get a splinter.
It doesn’t matter how frozen or cold,this is much better than having sun

Victor H &
Saul P

I like summer because it’s funner😄
But now summer’s end is close👉👈
So please don’t let this end in a bummer!😢
Justin C Jonathan M

Video Games
Video games are fun and cool
I think that they take you to a different type of world
Video games might be better than school
And it might make get twirled

Yailin Z
& Juan L
Soccer ⚽
😎Soccer is fun and cool
Their is some simple rules
We can play soccer in the park
and also you do skills\

Hans C
Angelica V


What i did over the summer was play sports
but also my favorite thing was to go swimming
besides i also went to different resorts
but my sister started tripping
I played for a soccer team called Chicago magic
my whole summer was about going to the park My team and I we did fantastic.

April P
Gustavo A

The Arrow
The Arrow is skilled and trained
The Arrow is strong and brave
Because he is really self-contained
He does his job by the people that he saved
Its really cool because he has some sort of a batcave

Erik C Randhy P
Soccer is so fun to play
You kick the ball to score
We play soccer all day
but be careful that you don’t hit the door


I love to sleep
my bed is my love
my blanket is all I keep
It feels like a glove

Edgar P
Froylan A
I went swimming to the beach
And i made a speech
In front of squirrels
And their was referrals
Jaqueline & Juan M.

In the summer I melt from heat
In the summer I smell feet
In the summer all I want to eat are sweets
In the summer I eat cheese

All throughout winter I sit in bed
I play with my pet out in the snow
I go back home and eat sweet bread
I put my dog to bed


Michelle :)

Christmas is a special holiday
We don't celebrate it everyday
We eat a lot of food
The food is very good-

Cindy P
Monserrat E

Music is a way where people can express themselves.
Sometimes I will hear music myself.
Music can make you feel sad or glad.
People think music is something rad.
Most people have a different taste in music.
And that music can make you feel better when you’re sick.

Soccer is a cool sport
That’s what everyone supports
Soccer does take some skill
Everyone also likes the thrill

Diego G
Brandon L
Basketball is my favorite sport.
I love summer because u could do so many things outside.
It’s fun to play on the basketball on the court.
In the summer I like to play basketball and it could
be recommended for your friend
and family for you could have a good and fun game.
In basketball you need all team support.