8A Collaborative Poems
Lizbeth L.
Aimme G.

I think food is amazing and delicious
food can be very nutritious

food is made up of many delicious things
when you eat spicy foods your tongue stings
food can have a rough texture
chefs are food experts

food is great all over the world
and if you eat too much in the end you will have hurled


Jessy M.
Alexis A.
Javier G.
i like cars but they can get you behind barz
With these cars that look like stars
make sure that you slow down
while rolling up into town

Video Games
Video Games are what set out our true flames
But sometimes we don’t let our flames and we get ashamed
We don’t want it to cool down when we get that crown we get a frown but we don’t want to back down

Juliette A.
Alexander S.

Cookies are very very delicious,
But cookies are not that nutritious.
Cookies can be very good but don’t eat a lot,
because then your belly can twist like a knot.
You'll have a bad experience,
But still why be so serious.
Because cookies are just so amazing and good.
And if you haven't tried them you really should.

Jolly Ranchers, Gummy Worms, cookies and cream
All I can think of is how good they can be,
Skittles and Starburst and Jelly Beans,
Oh how delicious they taste in my dreams
Now don’t be sad for there’s chocolates as well,
Hershey’s, Kit Kat’s and ButterFingers..
Now keep calm and keep dreaming on…
for there’s nothing better than yummy candy

Gregorio M & Melisa A

A car is a fast way to travel
Whether on the street or on gravel
But it needs gasoline to run
So it is not fun
Which can be expensive
But to some people that is offensive
So a car isn’t perfect
It’s something people can easily detect
But still a great machine
Even though it has not always been seen.

Gregorio M & Melisa A

Flowers smell good
They put you in a better mood
people like treating flowers like their little child
they can be found in the wild
Come in many colors
flowers bring joy in life
You have to water flowers in order for them to bloom.

Juan C.
Angel C.

Kylo Ren
theres one ma name Kylo Ren.
he had a pet hen
he had a big swords.
he smashed it on a board
He is very strong.
he will live very long

Adrian C.
Jesse Z.


Summer is hot like the sun
Sometimes I like to run
Summer is time for bikes
Its also best for hikes
It’s the best time to get wet
But not the best to get upset

Leonardo L
Melanney M
Basketball is a fun game
it can turn your eyes into flames
it makes you feel like in a real
it can\ also be insane.

When Shopping you feel the rhythm of
mopping your floor and putting toppings
on your food. It is the best thing in the world.
It needs to match to catch attention of people.
Thats shopping.

Karina G.
Daniela V.

Paris is nice it really is, it is a place you don’t want to miss. The Eiffel Tower is in PARIS and it is big and beautiful. It really is suitable to see.
But hey that’s just the beginning of what’s in PARIS
you got to cherish PARIS.
Don’t be careless, go to PARIS.
PARIS is nice isn’t that right?
PARIS is a big extraordinary place and you just have to explore it to get to know PARIS.
You should take a trip there with your sibs.but you should go see for yourself.

Dogs are cool they are so cool
they don’t need to go to school.
They are so smooth they got that groove.
Some that are protective and caring.
They love earning treats when they do something good.
And they got the moves.
Dogs are fun they are very playful.
they fill your day.and when you need a buddy
you know where to go.
Just go with the flow
so go and get your best friend.
They are waiting for you.

Lizbeth B
Eloy Munoz

I wish
How much i wish to be a bird
I wish to fly ,feel the wind in my wings
I wish to travel around the world
I wish to feel the hot sun on my back
I wish to up up high to the sky
Ohh how much i wish to be a BIRD.

Cookies are the best. When my mom brings some
i thought just eat one
and a little while later there were none.
Cookies make me happy! Have another bite.
Cookies when you happy.
Cookies when you mad
Cookies when you sad.
Cookies all the time!

Leonardo M Jose C.

Pikachu is cute.
Pikachu is adorable.
A lot of people adore Pikachu.
Even if he or she is Cute
it's also brutal.
It can shock you.
Paralyze you.
And could electrocute you.
He is both cute and brutal.

Soccer is fun
You have to run
You play with a ball
Just try to not fall
Kick the ball and try to score
Shoot and shoot a little bit more
Run, run all the way
Try to score today

Joselynne A.-Sorali M.


Thunder is like children running bare footed, hearing every step they take
Thunder is someone mad and furious pondering on your outside gate asking for help when they are lost in place
Thunder is like a thought with no control over its fate
Thunder cracks like a broken heart taking its power to love
It takes and gives more than it can take, once it’s full of bad and hate
Then my dear it will create what is known as your biggest mistake

Nightmares are like memories that never fade
memories with no color nor joy
memories with plain darkness and pain
Nightmares can be fake like humans are to humans
they hurt when you progress them in your mind
With No help and no hope.
and sometimes it is just destroys you
Like unforgettable
But nightmares could be a happy story with a dark ending


Denise D.
Summer, the most dry season, is always hot

So you stay inside and play video games
People exhausted and they already fought
And in every system you must have a steady aim
They need fresh air to keep them cool as a cucumber
And you must slay the dragon in the way
As long as they have good memories to remember
And the game will not make sense so sometimes you have to replay
The warm sun and cool wind will perish soon
In the end after a hard earned victory the final boss goes kaboom!