8B Collaborative Poems

i really like sports
i go around the world with my passport
some people have warts
i like sports
i like to wear soccer shorts
Edgar V

Melissa L

By Ashley & Anahi
I love basketball a whole lot
I do layups all around the court
Especially when the days are hot
Mostly because it is my favorite sport
I’ll be making a lot of shots
it doesn’t matter if I’m short
I got your shoes in a bunch of knots
I be running down the court, like a teleport

The best time of the year
Its the most hottest season of all
during this time I like to volunteer
I also like to play Basketball

is what I use to buy something cool
I buy things with my savings
we have time to do many things because we are out of school
All the time I have cravings

I love to eat food.
I eat food every day !!
I am always in the mood
When i get food i say YAY!

Oh No…
By Eddie S and Lizette L

When I go outside I yeet, With my friend pete
we dab and like to go eat
We Nae-Nae when they say pay
Pete and i say no freaking way
Then walk away without saying “hey”
then i hit that whip using those hips .