Genius 20 Project Ideas

Make a book: or other book creating site
  • Write a booklet on how to go vegetarian
  • children's book on a Science concept
  • Design a “genealogy” (family history) book
  • Learn how to cook meals & create booklet
  • Pictures
  • Recipes
  • design / descriptive book
  • Learn how to do crafty things and create book (part of project must be done at home)

Research & Report: create movie, slideshow presentation using Scratch, Google Slides or other webtools
  • 1. Hereditary
  • 2. Cancer
  • 3. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings
  • 4. Volcanoes
  • 5. Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Study and learn about depression – share through project
Create a Video
  • engineering topic (i.e. building a bridge, creating a structure)
  • create a Screencast teaching class program
  • Create a how-to video about any topic of interest
  • Create newspaper for certain target audience (i.e. sports, current events - Topics from Dogonews)
  • create a Podcast on topic
  • create a mind map of facets of the plant world
  • Using an animation program (i.e.Scratch) – create story or game!
  • Learn how to create music online -Need to research sites (i.e. or other app or website
  • 1Create a movie/play by writing a script, filming and editing
Create music tracks
Create, market and sell a product
Create a movie on something you have learned