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  • Internet Safety - 10 Rules for internet safety & game to play - also select "dangers" on left menu Videos on safety

Click “Rules in Cyberspace” and find dos and don’t s to review

Click “Are You a Good Cybercitizen? And answer questions
  • Ø Netiquette - Core rules of Netiquette 8 netiquette rules video - - Videos on manners.

  • Cyber bullying - bully game Cyberbullying - example of cyberbullying - cyberbullying videos - cyber bullying discussion digital drama

  • Other Sites - find Internet Safety study books on this webpage (many "safety" features included) - internet safety, netiquette, hacking, etc. safety tips for social networking - interactive interactive videos 8 rules Kids Rules for Online Safety; Parent Use (video) five rules - quiz on internet safety - social networking, filed sharing, etc. safety tips - from “Kids” drop down menu, select email, instant messaging and downloading.

NETSMARTZ - true stories - kid’s fun - stories of – Katie’s story
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QUIZ online quiz and 8 safety tips Netiquette Quiz

Game Help Captain Broadband fight the nasty character by learning about safety and security while surfing the Web.

Educational Cute video. Offers teens resources to help them draw their own digital line when confronted with issues such as being pressured to send nude pics, over texting and partners breaking into their social network accounts.

their social network accounts.