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Reconstructors - investigate with team of scientists


Museum of Science and Industry Challenge Games -

Periodic Table - elements: quiz, games - videos for each element - try simple experiment, print challenging science puzzles, play games, etc. - state of matter

Chemical Changes
Chemical Reactions

Geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and/or atmosphere (5th NGSS)


Animals -fun animal game where you learn about animal facts


Spreadsheet Assignment:
  1. Weather in different cities
  2. Climate in different cities –

6th Grade assignment - Weather and Climate - all weather conditions Click on state and find recent weather events and long-term disasters. Also how to prepare for weather conditions.
Thunderstorms - &
Snow & Ice Storms -
Tornados -

Videos - videos tornado - Classroom clipart

Nutrition / Food Pyramid
Fruit and Vegetable Information - fun activities when studying nutrition

Simple Machines

Inventions: - inventors/inventors - a time line of inventors and inventions

This site has a listing of various inventions - short description, some pictures

These site give a more detailed account of inventions and inventors: - famous inventions A - Z - famous inventors A - Z

simulations you'll see them animating in real time, and be able to interact with them by dragging objects or changing parameters like gravity.

Simple Machines - Scholastic site

Erin's Lunar Gravity video - Gravitational pull on other planets
Earth's Revolution -

Solar System weight/age - a constellation search

Health - tracks personal calories, food pyramid info, etc.
World Science
Water Cycle - simple explanation of water cycle
Animals - animal types, pictures, explanation
www.nationalgeographic/animals - animal needs
Ocean Facts:

By Grade Level:

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