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Reconstructors - investigate with team of scientists

Inventions: - inventors/inventors - a time line of inventors and inventions

This site has a listing of various inventions - short description, some pictures

These site give a more detailed account of inventions and inventors: - famous inventions A - Z - famous inventors A - Z

Museum of Science and Industry Challenge Games -

Periodic Table - elements: quiz, games - videos for each element - try simple experiment, print challenging science puzzles, play games, etc. - state of matter

Chemical Changes
Chemical Reactions

Geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and/or atmosphere (5th NGSS)


Animals -fun animal game where you learn about animal facts


Spreadsheet Assignment:
  1. Weather in different cities
  2. Climate in different cities –

6th Grade assignment - Weather and Climate - all weather conditions Click on state and find recent weather events and long-term disasters. Also how to prepare for weather conditions.
Thunderstorms - &
Snow & Ice Storms -
Tornados -

Videos - videos tornado - Classroom clipart

Nutrition / Food Pyramid
Fruit and Vegetable Information - fun activities when studying nutrition

Simple Machines

simulations you'll see them animating in real time, and be able to interact with them by dragging objects or changing parameters like gravity.

Simple Machines - Scholastic site

Erin's Lunar Gravity video - Gravitational pull on other planets
Earth's Revolution -

Solar System weight/age - a constellation search

Health - tracks personal calories, food pyramid info, etc.
World Science
Water Cycle - simple explanation of water cycle
Animals - animal types, pictures, explanation
www.nationalgeographic/animals - animal needs
Ocean Facts:

By Grade Level:

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