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Seventh Grade Links - Curriculum

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Keyboarding
  • Coding
  • Web 2.0 skills

Todays Meet - 7A - 7B
Everfi -

Tynker -
7A - 95012655

7B - 97439425

Social Studies-

Washington D.C. Places to visit

This Day in History - born on this day- - in search box type "on this day" and "date" at this site you may find all kinds of events that happened on your birthday & create a bulleted list of at least 6 interesting events (scroll down to find events – not b-days or deaths) - at this food reference site, find events that happened on your birthday in the food and drink industry


21st Century Information Fluency:

  4. Search practice (21st Century Informational Fluency)
  5. search, evaluation, citation tools (21st Century Informational Fluency)

Olympics - NY Times Olympic map
  • read about equipment and history of all Olympic sports
  • read about various athletes of Olympic games

Pull Up Assignments 7th
Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Excel


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