Parker Flex Day!!!

SeeSaw -
Discovery Education
Google Classroom
Penzu - - need to join video notes extension
My Storybook - sign up required

Google Maps
Google Draw tutorial

For taking notes from educational video:

1) students will take notes while watching video
2) - videos notes will be saved to evernote

Hour of Code - for computer club! Tutorial videos included (sign up for teacher)

Scratch online:

Game Star Mechanic
8th Q1 - click here to join
Teacher pack

Vault hyperlink

Google Templates for brochures - Find: Blank Trifold brochure template for google slides

Google Store:
PowToons Tutorial

Paint Tools
  1. IO Sketchpad -
  2. Vector Paint (for Chromebooks)
  4. - paint program
  5. Google Drawing App

Word Clouds

Mind maps -

Photo Sharing Editing

Collaboration Tools

Conversion Tools

Animation Software

Map Creator

Fun Text Creator

Sound Recorder

Presentation Software

Big Huge Labs magazine covers, baseball cards, maps, etc.


Fodey newspaper creator

Ultimate Flash Face
Like police artists, generate faces using pre-drawn facial features
Vinyl Record GeneratorDesign your own LP, 45 or 75 vinyl record.

Avatar Creators
Organizational Tools
ClipArt -

Google ( offers:
external image 125221256522641.jpg
external image 125221256522641.jpg

Google docs
Google Earth
Google Maps

external image 125221256518145.jpg
external image 125221256518145.jpg

Bookmark Apps

http://symbaloo,com - organize websites in binders to share - QR Creator